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Bror Gunnar Jansson

“One of the great storytellers of this generation.”
– Jason Scott, B-sides and badlands, US

“A blues genius descending from the North”
– Journal du Sud fribourgeois La Gruyère, FR

“Jansson could be the evil twin of Johnny Cash.”
– N-Joy, Norddeutscher Rundfunk, DE

“Le True Detective du blues.”
– Les Inrockuptibles, FR

Whether he’s all alone or together with a band, on a stage or on records Bror Gunnar Jansson unleashes his unique blend of southern gothic, blues, stoner, folk, psych and more! He’s been touring and releasing records for quite a few years now and you have been able to hear his music in movies and tv series such as “The last days of American crime”, “Happy” and “Damnation”. He has performed a number of times in both swedish and french national TV shows (such as “Album de la semaine” and “På Spåret”).

Bror Gunnar Jansson (and yes that is his real name) was introduced to the great worlds of music before he even was born. He is, together with his sister, the fourth generation of musicians in his bloodline. His father is a well renowned bass player who toured with jazz legends such as Chet Baker, Toots Thielemans, Dexter Gordon and Monica Zetterlund.

So Bror Gunnar grew up with music as a natural ingredient of life. He spent much of his young age at the local jazz club, Nefertiti. He spent so much time there that he got to know both staff members, other regulars and even the musicians playing there. In fact he frequented the venue so often that even some people in the staff thought he worked there (which subsequently he did, once he was old enough). Apart from this he did all the typical things a young person interested in music would do, he went to a lot of different music schools and played in a lot of different bands and projects.

The years and the schools went by and since quitting his studies at Gothenburg university (2014) he’s been solely working with his art. He released his self-titled debut solo album (and an album with the band Serve You Right To Suffer) in 2012.

Then two years later he released an 8″ EP on wax (on the German indie label Stencil Trash Records, limited in 49 handmade copies), and signed with French label Normandeep Blues, which later that year released his second solo album Moan Snake Moan. This album was chosen for the Canal+ program “Album of the week” (Album de la semaine), it was given Coup de Coeur 2014/15 by Academie Charles Cros, and Bror Gunnar was mentioned as “the revelation of the year” in Les Inrockuptibles, 2014. In 2015 Normandeep Blues re-released a special limited edition of Bror Gunnar’s debut album for Record Store Day.

In 2017 he released both an EP and a full length album named And The Great Unknown Part I & Part II (co-produced and recorded by Christoffer Johansson (BGs previous albums) and Filip Leyman (producer and band member with Anna von Hausswolff). This release has been a success both in sales and critical acclaim. The ‘Part II’ was for a while the best selling jazz/blues album in France – with more than 5000 physical copies sold in just 3 weeks, only in France. With this album Bror Gunnar once again performed at Album de la semaine. And he was given an award from the swedish indie music prize “Manifest”.

in September 2019 Bror Gunnar released his fourth solo album. “They Found My Body In A Bag” – a full length album where the majority of the songs have taken inspiration from real life crime investigations. Both historical cases and ongoing investigations. During 2019 Bror Gunnar could be seen and heard on national Swedish television four times, most notably in “På Spåret” one of Sweden’s most popular TV shows. In the year of 2020 Bror Gunnar released two stand-alone singles: first a version of the traditional song “Cotton-Eyed Joe” and second a newly written song called “Breathe” (dedicated to George Floyd).

With the start of 2021 Bror Gunnar returned once again to the studio (Elementstudion in Göteborg) to record a new album which will be released in 2021 starting with the single ‘Spray It!’ May 21. The album is his heaviest and perhaps also his most hauntingly beautiful yet. The whole album is like a suite moving from emotional strings to heavy riffs and freak out moments. With this album Bror Gunnar is spinning a tale of corrupt police officers, grim murders, weird deaths, diseases and even love! Jumping between our real world and his own dark universe.

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